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From the latin nullus, no one is an adjective that refers to something lacking strength or value to take effect. What is zero may be contrary to the law or failure relating to the substance or mode.
Examples: 'the judge quashed the measure announced by the Governor because it considers that it violates the Constitution,' "effort that you do during training is zero, so you will not play in the next match," "the risks associated with this heating device are void because it works with infrared energy that does not pollute and consumes no oxygen.
In common parlance, there is equal to anything or anyone. If someone says that his knowledge of chemistry are void, he means that he understands nothing and that it does control not all this topic. In the same vein, does anyone who claims that his interest for literature is zero, this means that he is interested any in relation to books and letters.
In the area of the law, the nullity is a situation that invalidates a legal act. In fact, before being declared void, the Act or the standard were effective. A wedding no one is one whose invalidation is pronounced by the existence of a fundamental flaw or defect in its conclusion (if a part has been forcible/forced to marry or it hides a disease to another, for example).
In politics, a vote there is a vote carried out incorrectly, either accidentally or intentionally. The inclusion of a (unofficial) unofficial ballot or a non legal ballot may be grounds for revocation (nullity) of the vote.
Finally, in sport, game no one is any one where there is no winner and no loser.
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