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The oath is the affirmation or the negation of something, often putting God as a witness. An oath, therefore, is a promise or a declaration on the honour calling something or someone.
Examples: "president lent oath to Ministers of the Palace of the Republic ',"Sergeant violated the oath, which deserves a severe enough punishment,"' I lent oath and I want: I will not leave this world without finding out who murdered Martine.
The oath can be an internal and personal, act as the person giving his word of honour in a given case or to make an effort. This oath is part of a kind of pact between the individual and God, or one to which the declaration is made.
Other oaths, however, are solemn public acts. Officials assume a position in the State and shall take oath before the people as a guarantee of compliance with their obligations and responsibilities.
At the judicial level, the affidavit (the declaration on honour) also requires a guarantee of the truth of what is stated or enunciated. He who declares under oath (or the faith of the oath) gives his word while ensuring that what he says is the truth.
Breach of an oath may result in various penalties, depending on the context. One can imagine a moral sanction for breaching his word or directly suffer civil or criminal sanctions in accordance with legislation or regulations in force.
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