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From the latin occidentālis, Western is that is where that belongs to the West (the West as cardinal point, the area on the western part or place located west over another). Occidental said also that is native to the West.
Examples: "in the West, polygamy is a tradition almost non-existent and that is even punishable by law',"You have to drive 40 km to the West to get to the village","some experts believe that in the course of the past decades the cultural gap between the East and West has increased".
The concept of the West is often used as a reference to a civilization or a system composed of several countries that share a social, cultural and economic system similar. In this sense, the concept is understood in opposition to the Orient (all countries of Eastern traditions and common ideas that differ from those of the West).
Although there is no precise borders and that most countries are multicultural, there is a tendency to consider that the Western world is formed by Europe, America, the Australia, the New Zealand and South Africa. Some countries, such as the Russia and Israel, can be located on each side.
In General, we can say that Western culture contemplates the separation between religion and the State, it is monotheistic and that it is governed by capitalism. Many of these precepts are also encountered in the countries of the East (such as Japan), even if those ones have different traditions.
For astronomy and geography, Western is the hemisphere where the Sun and the other stars lurk.
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