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Latin adversarius, an opponent is someone opposed or hostile. The term is also used to denote the Group of individuals with these characteristics.
Examples: "the Mayor of the village is the main opponent of the Governor for the next elections", "the British Boxer was not a dangerous opponent for the local Boxer", "I want companions and not adversaries in this working group".
The opponent can be an individual who, for specific situations, appears as an opposition to another person and have adverse to his interests. This is the case, for example, for two players to tennis to compete in a match. On the ground, two players will be opponents: each will do everything possible to win. To win, it is therefore necessary to oppose the enemy. After the match, however, these players are more opponents because the confrontation between the two sports is completed. Indeed, they can even become friends and share the same room in a Hotel or dinner together.
In other cases, the opponents are real enemies with opposite lifestyles. There are no really specific situation which places them as adversaries, but for a question, they became opponents regardless of the time and place. It can be one of two men who fight for the love of a woman and that attack each other in all areas.
"The adversary", finally, is a french novel that was written by Emmanuel Carrère. This book was adapted to film by Nicole Garcia.
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