What is the Meaning of Ornamental plants | Definition and What is Ornamental plants

Plants are organic living and which grow except that, unlike humans or animals, they cannot move from one place to an other themselves and voluntarily. Trees, shrubs, vegetables, and other plants are part of all of the plants, which are studied by the Botany.
Ornamental, on the other hand, is an adjective that is said of what belongs or what is linked to ornamentation. The ornaments are details or accessories that allow to decorate one thing and make it more beautiful.
That said, the ornamental plants are plants that are used in the decoration to adorn and beautify a space. These are plants that are cultivated for aesthetic purposes, contrary to other species (such as edible plants or herbs). However, there are plants that can respond to more than one of these functions.
Examples: 'I'll cultivate different ornamental plants to make the garden more colorful', 'the Government announced that it would invest a large sum of money in ornamental plants to decorate the main avenue', 'the gardener recommended me to buy ornamental plants to the entrance of the building. '
Ornamental plants are distinguished by the shape or the color of their leaves and their flowers, by their scent, by the presence of fruit or their texture, among other features. These plants are used to create landscaping, beautifying gardens or decorate an interior space (like). Experts estimate that there are more than 3000 plants intended for ornamental purposes.
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