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The painting is a concept with multiple uses and meanings. The term can be used to evoke the material to cover a surface of a thin film, the art of painting, canvas or the sheet on which are painted something.
As a material, paint is a liquid that is applied to a surface in thin layers. Once dry, the paint becomes a movie (or a film) solid covering the surface.
The many types of paintings, include varnishes, lacquers, coatings, coatings and toners. Their usefulness depends on the surface on which it intends to apply it. Each painting, on the other hand, consists of various products such as pigments, solvents, plasticizers and binders.
The painting, on the other hand, is the art that is to represent graphically through the use of pigments and other substances. Michelangelo, Leonardo da Vinci, Rembrandt and Vincent van Gogh are some of the most famous painters of history.
The creations of artists who express themselves on canvas or sheets are also known under the designation of paintings. Examples: «my aunt gave us a painting of boats decorate House», «Mona Lisa is my favorite painting», "tonight, I'm going to accompany John to the Museum because he wants to see the new exhibition of paintings."
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