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Latin panthera, although later dates back to the language Greek, Panther is a term used to refer to different types of big cats. In general, the concept can refer to the Black Panther, a variation of the leopard or jaguar.
However, there are many misconceptions about the concept. In South America, is called Panther to the jaguar; in North America, however, the word is rather used to appoint the Cougar (or puma). In the rest of the world, when we speak of Panther, it is indeed the leopard.
To add further confusion, Panthera is the genus of mammals belonging to the family of felidae, among whom are the jaguar, leopard, Tiger and lion. These four species have the anatomical structure needed to roar.
Returning to what was said above, the traditional Black Panther is a variation of the leopard and the jaguar due to melanism, which is an excess of pigmentation dark animal.
The white Panther, for its part, refers to leopards or jaguars that have this color because of albinism, the leucitisme or another genetic mutation.
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