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From the latin partiālis, partial is an adjective designating what is arbitrary or even who is not impartial. Examples: "you should not have a one-sided reality perspective if you want to govern this city', ' my opinion is quite biased: I'm neither for nor against anyone."
The partial word, therefore, is synonymous with tendentious or unfair and antonym of impartial. Take to a situation or a person, is to be biased or favourable, it have a penchant or a preference for something or someone in particular without being truly fair. On the other hand, take party against someone, it is judge him and oppose him without being objective.
In law (in court), the bias is unacceptable, where the image of the balance which symbolizes justice. Judges must make their decisions objective, fair, neutral and without the influence of a third party.
Partial, on the other hand, it is what has or means bias (the lack of neutrality and objectivity): «we will denounce the judge because it is partial and it cannot serve justice», «Guillaume asked Council because I am an impartial person in this case.
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