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The Patriarchate is the territory of the jurisdiction of a Patriarch, his dignity or the duration thereof. The concept is also used to designate the authority or the Government of the Patriarch.
This concept (Patriarch), in turn, used to refer to the dignity of the Bishops of some churches, the founder of a religious order and some figures from the Old Testament who were heads of families.
Patriarch also said that because of his age and wisdom, authority within a community or family.
To return to the notion of patriarchy, there is mention that for Sociology, it is a primitive social organization where authority is exercised by a man. This power extends to members of the same family line.
In other words, patriarchy is a system in which men dominate women. Men exert oppression on the members of the female sex, while appropriating, either by peaceful means or by violent means, of their productive force and power of reproduction.
Given that this type of organization does not exist, theoretically, in modern Western society, the concept of patriarchy is used to criticize and condemn such practices or sexist policies.
The sexual division of labour (women in charge of unpaid household tasks as work, or poorly paid jobs), lack of financial independence (when these are the men who manage money), domestic violence and sexual harassment are issues related somehow to the Patriarchate which continues.
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