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A pencil is a writing or drawing with graphite mine enclosed in a cylinder of wood or other material. Thus, it is possible to take the cylinder in hand and move the tip of graphite on paper or another medium similar to mark lines and write or draw.
Examples: 'my mother gave me for my birthday a box of crayons"," can I borrow your pencil? "I need to take notes," "viewing the drawing that my aunt has done with a pencil on a towel.
On the other hand, a pencil is also the generic name given to various mineral substances commonly used to draw.
Historians say that in the 17th century, a deposit of graphite was found in England and the local population soon realized that this equipment allowed him to score the sheep with ease. Subsequently, the graphite began to be encapsulated in cylinders to create the instrument we know today as the pencil. It is said that the Italians were the first to use wooden cylinders.
One of the advantages of the pencils, it is to be able to clear their lines. It is the American Hymen Lipman, who patented the first pencil with an eraser integrated at the end, which took place in March 1858.
Today, we can find pencils with different characteristics. There are black-and-white and colour, thin or thick, mine with a round or hexagonal structure, etc.
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