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The substance used to give a good smell takes the name of perfume. This concept has its origins in the latin per fumare in reference to the odour on breath scented smoke (process of cause aromatic smoke to feel good or to purify).
Currently, means fragrance product, usually in liquid form, that the men and women put on their bodies to release a pleasant smell. Examples: 'my husband gave me a perfume for my birthday"," I take my shower, I put perfume and I am ready to go ","I do not like the scent that wears Sophie because it is too strong.
Depending on the aromatic intensity and concentration, it is possible to speak of perfume (more); Eau de perfume; Toilet water; of Cologne or perfume extract.
There are fragrances for clothes or to create the ambiance (like the fragrance for the home or the car) that have the same objective as the perfumes that people use: broadcast a pleasant fragrance: 'I bought a perfume fishing for my shirts', ' your car feels good: what is the perfume that you use?
The word perfume is also used, by extension, to evoke any pleasant smell: "I love the fragrance of these flowers", "my grandmother's House was a special perfume as a blend of fruits and plants", "a good chef must encourage the guests not only by the taste of dishes but also by the presentation and the fragrance of its preparations.
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