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A feature is a quality that allows to identify someone or something. A person, depending on its characteristics, is distinguished from one another, as well as one thing over another, similar or different.
Physics, on the other hand, is a term that accepts several meanings. In this case, the adjective indicates belonging or relating to the physical constitution (as opposed to the moral constitution) or concerning a person outside.
The physical characteristics are therefore the external qualities of a human being or an animal. The concept can also be used to describe the appearance of a plant or something, but as the physics is rather associated with the body, it is not used to say that a plant or an object has a body.
To enumerate the physical characteristics of a person, refers to its size, its features, the color of her hair and her eyes, the skin, etc. Examples: "Raymond is the blond boy who lives on the floor below," "have you seen this lady with grey hair and blue eyes? Is the patron saint of the corner bar,"" the last time that I spoke with Daniela, it was a girl with freckles and curly hair: now she is a woman measuring 1.80 meters and has two children.
All of these expressions are references to physical characteristics (the color of the eyes and the hair of Raymond, those of the owner of the bar, freckles, hair and height of Daniela).
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