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From the latin ars, art is related to the creations of human beings to express an imaginary or real-world sensitive vision. These expressions can be expressed in different media. The plastic, in turn, is to build things with different materials.
Fine arts are the manifestations of being human that reflect, through plastic resources, the fruit of his imagination or his vision of reality. This artistic Branch includes works in the fields of painting, sculpture and architecture, among others.
The first step in the work of a plastic artist usually involves the execution of a sketch, which implies the development of a design (or drawing) the messy kind fast, without instruments or geometric devices. Another task of the first steps is to develop a sketch or a trial.
The arts form a representation of reality, or an imaginary vision. The creation process includes the research of materials and techniques which allow the artist that intention be faithfully reflected in his work.
Among the different criteria in creating or viewing a work of art, there is mention the link between figure and background, the proportions, the movement and plans.
The painting is one of the most popular arts. This art is to use pigments or other substances to obtain a graphical representation on a canvas or a similar material.
The sculpture is the art of carving or shape forms of various materials such as stone, wood or clay. These works are pieces in three dimensions dedicated to all kinds of figures.
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