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One piece, in this context, is a performance, that is, physical or intellectual, work usually legally protected by copyright, presented to the public.
The theatre is the art of the show related to performance, which consists of the representation of stories in the presence of the public.
A play is a production that involves the presentation of a story by the performance in a theatre. A piece of work may combine the words, gestures, music, dance and other forms of art.
Examples: "last night we went to see a play with Lita Bartoli',"the play written by Hungarian playwright has caused a great stir at the time of its release in 1928","the actress said that she was not going to work on TV this year because she plans to make a new play. "
The play includes several elements. The performance of the actors is the process that is to interpret a role and get into the skin of his character. The text, moreover, is the speech or the script in which the interpreter must orient itself to tell the story.
Branch is the task performed by another artist (the Director) and involves guiding artists, set the text and the control. In short, all details of the room.
Other aspects are part of the play, such as clothing (clothing used by the actors onstage), makeup (which contributes to characterization) and scenography (set decoration).
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