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Explosion, from the latin explosĭo, is violent release of energy that is enclosed in a small volume, resulting in a rapid increase in pressure while emitting light, gas, and heat. The term is also used figuratively to describe the development of something.
Population, on the other hand, said of what belongs or relating to demography (the statistical study of a human population to analyse the structure and evolution of a community from the quantitative perspective).
A population explosion, therefore, is a sudden increase in the number of people who live in a particular region. This increase in population has important implications and generates socio-economic changes.
The notion of population explosion can also be understood on the basis of a strong increase in the number of inhabitants insofar as infrastructure and systems are no longer sufficient to meet the needs of the people.
There are several theories and points of view on the population explosion. Many associate the increase of the population in the absence of sex education and huddling in which live millions of families in underdeveloped countries. This is the reason why certain trends require control of natality (births) on the part of the authorities and the dissemination of the use of contraceptive methods.
The number of inhabitants in the world can also increase given the growth in life expectancy. That said, the population explosion is not only the result of the increase in births, but also the "reduction" of deaths (persons die at an advanced age).
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