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Arts, from the latin ars, is the concept that allows to refer to human creations that express the sensitive vision of the imaginary world or real using linguistic, Visual or sound resources.
Prehistoric is something belonging or pertaining to the period of prehistory. This last term, in turn, is linked to the existing human life before the development of writing (which has arisen around the year 3000 BC).
Therefore, the concept of prehistoric art, refers to the art of primitive peoples. The term is often used to refer to quite different historical periods and remote creations from the geographical point of view, reason why prehistoric art contains quite different works.
Overall, we can say that the prehistoric art is characterized by the schema, the symbolism and abstraction. These are expressions for mythical-religious, unlike modern art aimed rather aesthetics or ritual purposes.
Painting (or art) rock is a manifestation of prehistoric art. These drawings were made on rocks or on the walls of the caves. Some paintings have about 40,000 years of history and still exist because as they are found in caves, they have managed to withstand the test of time.
Prehistoric art often represented scenes of hunting or deities. Besides paintings, there are instead of mentioning the prehistoric sculptures, which have developed in Europe during the Paleolithic period. Bone, ivory plates, stones and metals were used to create such sculptures.
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