What is the Meaning of Press release | Definition and What is Press release

A release is a statement, a note or a report that communicates information to make public. The release can be done by a person, a company, an organization or a Government and is often distributed through mass media (the press).
Examples: "society has denied the rumors of sale through a release", "If this continues like this, we will have to prepare a statement to clarify the situation", "the club issued a release informing that the coach has extended his contract until 2015.
The goal of the release is to reach as many people as possible so that people become aware of what one wants to transmit. It is possible, however, that the communiqué is addressed to a specific audience, reason why it can be distributed in specialized media.
Suppose that, in a certain city, a group of criminals are posing as employees of the gas company to return there where people live and to steal. The company that provides the service publishes so a release in a local newspaper to report that its employees have a document that identifies and invites guests to contact them by phone to confirm if indeed the person who is part of the framework of the company's staff.
In general, the communiqué (said also press release because the goal is to be published in the media / press) is written by a public relations specialist, a journalist or a degree in communication controlling the release criteria and who knows how to adapt the information to a communication structure.
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