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Synonymous with forecast, prognosis is a term that comes from the latin prognosticum although its more distant origin lies in the Greek language. This concept refers to the action and the effect of prognosis (predict the future with basic cues).
Examples: "the prognosis of time plans to rain during the night", "my prediction is that the Brazil will win three zero", "the film by Quentin Tarantino meets forecasts and won an oscar."
The concept of prognosis is usual in meteorology. These are estimates which, according to the study by atmospheric conditions, indicate what will happen with the weather in the coming days. Thus, the prognosis may presage sunny or rainy days, anticipating the fall of hail, high winds, etc. Despite the use of various devices and satellites to scientific database, prognosis of Meteorology is not foolproof, because conditions can change without prior index.
A prognosis may also be a forecast or a hunch (or even a bet) on an event. Before a football game, the subject matter experts can predict what will be the result, according to the context of each team.
The medical prognosis is the opinion of the doctor on the changes that may occur during an illness. The prognosis provides its possible duration according to the symptoms that are obvious in the patient.
Means prognosis reserved that is uncertain or potentially negative: "after being operated emergency, the prognosis of the victim is reserved.
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