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The proliferation is the action and the effect of proliferate. This verb, in turn, refers to the idea of (se) multiply with abundance, from (se) spread or (se) reproduce in similar ways.
Examples: "there is a proliferation of stores that sell computer products", "the Government has announced several measures to curb the proliferation of infected animals," "do not count on me to encourage the proliferation of lies".
Proliferation may relate to an increase in things the most diverse, including symbolic issues. If someone refers to the proliferation of mosquitoes, it means that these insects do not stop to reproduce at a location or at a given time, which implies an increase in their number. Another individual may refer to the proliferation of rumors about a topic when various media talks about. That said, mosquitoes and rumors to proliferate even if mosquitoes exist physically and not rumours.
It should be noted that the proliferation may be positive or negative, depending on the case. The proliferation of micro-enterprises to success is an encouraging sign since it implies economic growth for many people. However, the proliferation of criminal acts is a sad reality that the authorities must strive to change.
For biology, cell proliferation is one of the disorders that may occur in the process of development / evolution of cancer. Cells grow and divide without control while spreading to other parts of the body by metastases and invade adjacent tissues.
Cell proliferation (i.e. cells) can be observed using a microscope or using a flow cytometers, among other methods.
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