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The promotion is a term that comes from the latin promotĭo and mentions the action and effect of promote. This verb, meanwhile, means initiate, instigate or encourage a process or thing; raising someone to a position or higher than employment that he or that she had; or take the initiative to do something.
Examples: "If you continue to work in this way, at the end of the year, you get the promotion and you'll be appointed general supervisor", "paving these roads promoting has been one of the most acclaimed policies by the company", "through the promotion of the Mayor, the city now has a new hospital.
The promotion, on the other hand, is an improvement in the conditions of something: "the promotion of employment is one of the pillars of my Government", "the Manager focuses on the promotion of productivity.
All persons who obtain a diploma or a job at the same time (at the same time) also takes the name of promotion: "the promotion of 1995 of the ABC school will meet Tuesday next to the beach bar", "I'm promoting ' 84, and you?", "we have never had such a success in a promotion than with that of this year.
Finally, activities which are designed to increase sales or to discover something, are considered promotions. In this case, the idea of promotion can be associated with concepts such as the discount or balances: "I enjoy promoting clothing store", "to the market, there is a promotion of 2 x 1: for the purchase of two milk products, you only pay one.
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