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Propaganda is the action and the effect of publicizing something. The information transmitted by the propaganda intended to attract the attention of buyers compared to a product or a service contract, but can also be designed to win support for a cause or campaign.
Examples: "propaganda of the new car was a success: everyone talks about in the street ',"I did not understand the propaganda of the telephone company", 'propaganda of the army to capture recruits did not the expected impact', ' magazine contains more pages of propaganda content.
The concept of propaganda is often used as a synonym for advertising. In this sense, propaganda can be transmitted by television, radio, print, Internet or even posters on the street. All companies wishing to provide a product or service must develop the propaganda to reach consumers.
Another use of the term is associated with messages from a certain sector to influence the values or the behaviour of citizens. The propaganda aims to persuade with a political or ideological purpose.
An example of this type of propaganda is usually held during wars or armed conflicts. The invader tends to develop actions of propaganda on the invaded territory in order that people cease to resist, on the pretext of freeing the people to overthrow the tyrants, etc.
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