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Prospectus, prospectus Latin ('look'), is the booklet, the record or the booklet which accompanies various products and provides information on their composition, mode of use, usefulness and contraindications, as is the case, for example, pharmaceuticals (drugs or remedies).
Examples: «before taking an antibiotic, you should carefully read the prospectus», «the prospectus indicates that this analgesic can cause drowsiness», 'if in doubt, do not hesitate to consult the prospectus but it is best to seek advice from your doctor.
Manual (the prospectus) of the medication can include data of all kinds. Among the usual content, it is noted the identification of the drug (trade name and active ingredient), the composition and the pharmaceutical form, the identification of which authorized the product for sale on the market, the therapeutic indications, precautions for use, any warnings, dosage, frequency of administration and a description of adverse effects possible.
A prospectus can also be a brief presentation on a letter, a work, goods, etc. In the field of marketing, a customer is a consumer or a potential customer.
CRM software (Customer Relationship Manager) generally work with information about the sales prospects help sellers achieve the operation and to become prospects into real customers: "the Director asked me to send the list of prospects to determine what are the most important ', 'tell Marc that the prospect of the Chile finally renounced the purchase. "Our sales team is able to handle more than 100 prospects at the same time".
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