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Prosperity, from the latin prosperĭtas, is successful in that undertaking, the chance during a project or the favourable evolution of events. Examples: "drink to the prosperity of this young couple who just bought a house in the countryside", "this case seems interesting, but it brings no guarantee of prosperity", "this country should enjoy prosperity, but its leaders put him in ruin.
Prosperity is often associated with economic wealth and abundance of goods. However, the amount of wealth or money that can be considered abundant is rather subjective. Prosperity can therefore be defined as material well-being that allows the people to have no financial worries.
In a less materialistic perspective, many people have wealth, but not prosperity because they don't feel not lucky and do not believe in the favourable evolution of things. In fact, their economic concerns are not exhausted insofar as they spend their time to focus on investment, savings, etc.
So, we can say that prosperity is to have what we want and that are needed to live, either materially or spiritually or both.
This means that a person may have lots of money, several bank accounts, three cars and a big house without however feeling prosperous. On the other hand, an individual who works ten hours a day and lives with just what it takes, can perfectly enjoy prosperity. This does not mean, of course, that a person failing to meet basic material needs can never feel prosperous because of its human rights are vulnerable.
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