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The notion of work is related to the thing that is produced by humans. This term, which admits of many meanings, may refer to a physical object or an intellectual product.
Public, from the latin publicus, is something manifest and notorious, which is visible to all or which all have knowledge. The concept also refers to what belongs to the society as a whole and which, therefore, is common to the people (to the community). In this sense, what is public is opposed to what is private (or individual), because it has no owner.
Public works are those that are made by the State and having a social purpose. These works are financed by public funds (from fees and taxes) and are non-profit (that is to say, the goal is not to generate financial gains, but provide a valuable community service).
Public works consist of a wide variety of construction operations. The development of transport infrastructure (roads, ports, railways, airports, etc.), water (dams, sewage treatment) or urban (street lighting, parks) and the creation of social buildings (hospitals, schools) are part of public works.
The implementation of public works can be done in different ways. Sometimes, the State hires workers directly and pays their wages. In other cases, a call for tenders is launched so that private companies can submit their proposals and the State choose the proposal that suits him the most. Thus, public funds are intended for the company that won the tender, which becomes responsible for the construction.
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