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Recitation, from the latin recitatĭo, is the Act of reciting. This verb, in turn, refers to the fact to say aloud a speech or vote by heart verses or phrases. Examples: 'recitation of the Andalusian poet touched everyone', ' in fact, I love read poetry, but I do not like the recitations ","the candidate image consultant suggested he practice the recitation of his speech to touch people's hearts.
The concept of recitation is associated with the declamation, which is the interpretation of a message by voice, MIME and gestures. The purpose of recitation is to accentuate the nuances of a text to strengthen the feeling of content.
Currently, the words «recitation» and «declamation» are often used as synonyms, although for some scholars, recitation excludes gestures and mimicry, focusing only on the modulation of the voice. In this sense, the recitation of a poem would be reading or the pronunciation out loud while the declamation would also include movements of the body.
These differences were more blatant in the 19th century, when the declamation approached more to the fact (a role) comprising a body interpretation quite expressive movements on stage and even the use of visuals or costumes. Over time, the recitation began to resemble more and more the recitation.
Nowadays, the recitation includes generally the person standing or sitting on a scenario and which is limited to read or to express a text aloud. The nuances of interpretation are given by the manipulation of the vote.
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