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Action and reduce takes the designation of reduction (a term that has its origin in the word latin reductĭo). The word reduce, meanwhile, wants to say give something to its State prior to, shrink, reduce or minimize something.
Examples: "the candidate announced that he would be elected, he would reduce taxes", "Lead to a reduction in the quantity of waste is essential to improve the State of biodiversity," "with the reduction of the width of the avenue, there will be new circulation problems.
The reduction can be related to a physical shrinkage or a symbolic reduction. If we talk about the reduction of the area of forests around the world, it is a phenomenon of living physical (there are fewer trees than in the past). On the other hand, the reduction of corruption is a more abstract topic although it may be based on factual events (less than officials accused, fewer complaints, etc.).
In the field of gastronomy, the reduction is a procedure which can thicken or concentrate a liquid by boiling or evaporation. The reduction makes a broth or sauce tasty (or tasty) or more concentrated (e) to the extent where the volume of the liquid is reduced: "Let's Cook the chicken in a reduction of white wine and spices", "reduction of the consommé takes about five minutes".
A reduction of Indians, finally, was a population centre where the Indians resettled in the U.S. during the Spanish conquest.
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