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The reform is the action and the effect of reform. This verb, meanwhile, mean redo, change something, change or correct the behavior of a person.
Examples: "we started the reform of the House two months ago and we have not even completed half of the work", "the opposition candidate encourages a constitutional reform to prevent indefinite re-election", "reform of the stadium requires an investment of more than $ 30 million.
The reform is usually an initiative or a project that aims to implement an innovation or an improvement of a system or structure. This reform can come on something physical and tangible (such as a house) or a symbolic or abstract question (law, a form of organization, etc.).
The reform (or renovation) of housing may include the construction of a new environment, change of floor covering, the application of paint on the walls and the roof of an external environment.
To reform legislation, implementation of the different mechanisms is necessary depending on the country or region. Usually it takes a broad social consensus and the agreement between the different policy areas.
In the field of religion, the reform (with a capital letter) was a movement that emerged in the 16th century and which led to the creation of the Protestant churches. Generally, means in the name of reforms all movements that have established some sort of change in a dogma or a religion organization.
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