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A request is a care or concern. The term refers to the verb «ask» (want, require or seek something).
Examples: "I have a request to you: you'll lend me an outfit for tonight? '' I have a formal event and I do not know what to wear,""I'm tired to fill out job application forms and that nobody responds me","the club, at the request of the authorities, handed a list of names of the members who participated in the last game.
A job application is a contact letter sent to a company in which it would work. The person concerned must explain precisely and formally what is the reason of his contact and detailing his experience, skills, etc. Usually, the letter of job application (or letter) is accompanied by a curriculum vitae (CV) Although some companies develop their own applications and let them available to people who wish to apply a position: "The company will accept applications until Friday," "Congratulations!" "Your application has been approved: you will soon be part of our team.
The passport application is a process initiated by a citizen to obtain a passport, a document that allows him to leave a country and return in another. The characteristics of the process depend on each State: 'passport application takes approximately 30 days', "I must hurry to complete the passport application to be able to leave in Europe before the end of the year.
On the other hand, can also apply for credit (a loan) to the Bank.
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