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The rest is calm, quiet, break or pause that we do at work (period of the day during which we constantly work) or in another activity. It is a time when the body is in stillness, relaxed.
Examples: "I'll just rest five minutes and I still report", "I regret to inform you that today we must work constantly to meet the needs of our new customer. No rest is allowed', 'you need rest. You had a complicated day. ', 'Loose your book and come join us. Grant yourself a moment of rest. »
That said, the rest helps relieve fatigue physical or moral: "in fact, this moment of rest made me good. I feel much better. ", 'Martine needs to understand that she needs rest to recover his strength', 'the doctor recommended me to respect my time of rest '.
The concept of rest can also be used as a synonym of sleep or NAP (the resting State uniform of the Organization, characterized by low levels of physiological activity), relaxation (the procedure which helps reduce physical or mental stress) and leisure (time which is used to have fun and not to meet mandatory activities).
In the world of sport, rest stands for pause. About Locksmithing, rest is a shoulder booked on a room, and on which comes to build another room.
Finally, a rest home is a retirement home, a space where the elderly can be accommodated if they live alone, if they depend on the help of others to dress, feed and groom themselves, if they are sick or if their family is not able to deal with them and keep them company.
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