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Revision, from the latin revisĭo, is the Act of revising. This verb refers to the action of something to review, monitor, to inspection or to see carefully and in detail.
Examples: "this week, I will devote myself to the revision of the material for the tray", 'this afternoon I brought my car to a technical revision', ' master, I think that we need a revision of the terms of the agreement.
There are different types of control depending on the area in question. At home, things are often revised (reviewed) informally, without prior plan, regulation or law for the presentation of the results. Can be the revision of the bathroom faucets if we note the existence of a leak, or even a closet if not found its health book, for example.
Means literary review any report which analyzes and discusses a text, usually of a scientific nature. This kind of review is generally developed in a thesis project.
The revision by pairs is a method which is to validate documents. Many authors of the same level as the main author are a revision of the text and arrange to make corrections or annotations. This process is necessary so that the text is allowed in a scientific publication, for example.
The revision of history (historical revisionism) is a current that seeks to reinterpret history. This makes is often required from the emergence of new data or new analyses although some use the term in a derogatory manner to refer to the handling of the story with certain interests.
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