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The revolt is a term that admits various applications. It can be an alteration, an insurrection or a riot on socially. In this case, a revolt is a social movement which opposes any figure of authority or some measure of Government and who has an often violent end or even fatal.
Examples: 'the revolt in the Arab countries has led to the resignation of the president', 'There were four dead and several injured in the middle of the revolt which broke out in Greece', "the president is concerned because of the consequences of the revolt".
Generally, a rebellion arises spontaneously as the expression of a conflict, be it social, economic, political, etc. People gather in the streets to express their dissatisfaction with a situation and try to reach an agreement or a change.
Sometimes, the revolt translates into a more organized movement of projection on the future. The revolt may, in addition, become an attempt of revolution for social change or political deep.
There are other applications of the idea of revolt. Figuratively, we can say that the stomach is in revolt when it feels like stomach upset or that it smears when hungry: "my stomach is in revolt.
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