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The room is the main room of a House, or in the case of a public building, a large room. Examples: "we discussed for hours in the room", "the artist is already in the meeting room to discuss his new work", "I love the new decors that lights bring to the room.
There are several parts of a house or a building considered rooms. The lounge, also known as the living room, is the space dedicated to leisure activities (such as watching television or reading a book) and visits: 'Let's go into the living room to play chess', 'I want to buy a new stereo for the show.
A reading room, on the other hand, is a space that allows you to view documents or books in a file, a library or documentation centre. In this kind of rooms, it seeks to preserve the silence to not distract reading or study: 'If you are looking for Mr Fiottobelli, it lies in the reading room', 'Silence, please, you don't go making scandal in the reading room.
In a building, a waiting room is the place where people are waiting for standing or seated until it is their turn. There are waiting rooms in airports, in offices of physicians and in the offices of the Government: «Fortunately there is air conditioning in the waiting room!», «La Station de Gloswick has added new seats in the waiting room.
The engine room houses the boilers, compressors, generators and other devices that help the operation of a vessel. It is customary that these rooms have different compartments: "a fire in the engine room and led to the sinking of the ship.
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