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Satisfaction, from the latin satisfactĭo, it is the action and the effect to satisfy or be satisfied. This verb refers to pay what is due, satisfy the appetite, meet the requirements or expectations, reward merit, or resolve a problem or a complaint.
Satisfaction can be action or the reason why it is facing a complaint or an opposite reason. Examples: "with this command, we have responded to our customer's satisfaction", "We will introduce a shirt which meets your needs," "the company invests millions of dollars annually on the satisfaction of the needs of its clients", "there's no possible satisfaction that forget this bad moment.
The fulfilment of the taste or desire also receives the designation of satisfaction: "To my great satisfaction, my club won with a score of three to one and is located at the top of the ranking", "the film gave me great satisfaction because it allowed me to see the beautiful landscape of the city of my childhood."
Satisfaction is considered a mental condition that occurs by the optimization of the reaction of the brain. Different regions of the brain compensate for its energy potential and provide a feeling of fullness.
By reaching to the satisfaction, mental functioning of humans is in harmony. Satisfaction contributes to happiness while dissatisfaction generates suffering (or misfortune).
The presumption or pride is another sense of satisfaction: 'With great satisfaction, we can say that we have achieved a new turnover', "my main satisfaction is to have again won the Championship."
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