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"Seizure" refers to the action and the effect of enter. This verb returns to confiscate or punish deprivation of property (of a person) the Treasury becomes the owner.
Examples: "after the court order, police proceeded to the seizure of appliances who had illegally entered the country", "street vendors have resisted with sticks and stones the seizure of their products", "the seizure operation allowed us to withdraw from the market more than 2,000 toys made with toxic substances".
In the area of the law, the seizure is therefore the power of the State to deprive a person (physical or moral) of its assets and without compensation. They become the property of the State.
It is possible to distinguish between input (the major penalty consisting of the deprivation of property) and forfeiture (the additional penalty which consists of the loss an offence and effects of the instruments used to commit this crime).
The ways in which the seizure is implemented vary according to the law. Usually, it is a competent authority (such as the police) who is authorized to confiscate illicit goods (drugs, weapons, etc.). In some cases, a judge issued a warrant allowing that the police conduct a search at the home of the person or on the premises of a company and seize suspicious items found.
In the language of the computer, enter data means inform them or integrate them manually. This operation is common at the time of complete fields of information (forms, subscriptions, etc.).
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