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Latin centrum Centre, is a term that can refer, among other things, to the space where people gather for a particular purpose. Business, for its part, is an adjective that relates to what belongs or is relating to the trade or traders.
The concept of shopping centre is therefore linked to the building in which are located shops and commercial spaces (stores, etc.). It aims to bring together in one place, several spaces so that potential customers can conveniently racing.
The purchaser, by visiting a shopping centre, already knows that it is in the same building several offers while having the ability to meet its consumption needs without needing to look elsewhere. In other words, this type of centre, which is also known as shopping center, includes shops, restaurants, cinemas and other services.
The shopping centre concept has similarities with the direction of the market. Malls are generally larger and include one or two stores anchor (of institutions able to attract buyers in full), then the markets may be located outdoors (without roof).
Beyond the commercial offer, the malls are be places of recreation and entertainment. It is common that people make a visit at the Mall just to exit or to walk around and are doing errands, for lunch or dinner, to go to the movies, etc. Many malls have even large areas of games for the whole family.
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