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From latin penurĭa, the term shortage means difficulties, privation, constraints or lack / absence of the essential things. Living in scarcity, therefore, is Miss the essentials for a decent life.
Examples: "the shortage in Africa seemed no longer end',"As president, I will put all my efforts to put an end to the shortage in children","I'm tired of the shortage and poverty, I am no longer what to do.
Concepts such as deprivation, failure, deficiency, poverty and misery, therefore, can be associated with the notion of scarcity. If a journal is title "Shortage of fuel in the city", this means that in a given locality, there not enough fuel to meet the needs.
The shortage, however, is not always associated to what is material. By the phrase «Jean suffers from shortage for several months» can be heard that the man in question did not have the means to meet their basic needs (such as food or housing) or that it crosses an emotional moment as difficult (the death of a loved one, isolation, separation, etc.). Of course, the two problems may also occur at the same time (he may Jean have neither money nor affection of person).
The shortage has its antonyms, namely, terms such as wealth or abundance. To continue the example above where the "fuel shortage" indicates the lack of fuel, the contrary would be to speak of "abundance of fuel" in a city (the level of fuel reserves allows not only to cover the needs of the inhabitants of the city concerned, but also to also market surplus).
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