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Similar said this, one or one that has a certain resemblance or analogy with something or someone. This adjective refers to what is similar and make comparisons between two things.
Examples: "the Rigberter sisters have a similar profile, that they have inherited their mother 's", "some alpine landscapes are very similar to those that occur in Patagonia", "Lionel Messi made a goal similar to that which had Diego Maradona during the cup of Mexico 86 against England".
What is similar can be similar or analogous to something else due to physical or abstract characteristics. Two cars, in this sense, may be similar because they have lines that resemble that can merge anything just by watching them. This means that the appearance of the two cars is similar.
In addition, can say that two cars are similar due to provide identical benefits, either by their interior size, comfort, technology, etc. In this case, the similarity is not the physical characteristics that can be observed from the outside of the car, but rather what they have in common in their operation.
Among the people, there may also be similar characteristics. Joana and Martine have similar physical characteristics: they are both large and thin, blond and have brown eyes. These are therefore two women with similar characteristics. On the other hand, we can say that Joana has a character similar to that of Lucie because they are outgoing, chatty and laugh strident way. Physically, however, they are not the same: Lucie is Brown and is small.
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