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Simulacrum, which takes its name from the word latin simulacrum, is an imitation, falsification or a fiction. The concept is associated with the simulation, either simulated action.
A mock, therefore, is a simulation, which involves the representation of something by pretending. Examples: 'children will participate tomorrow in a mock fire so their teachers could explain to them how to act in case of emergency","don't worry, it is a sham,""fourteen hospitals participated in the mock disaster organised by the municipal authorities.
In the field of army, mock means a model of simulated war action. This allows to make adjustments to mechanisms, strategies and tactics in a controlled environment, so that, in the case of a real war, the military operation is satisfactory.
In this sense, a mock to simulate an attack to a headquarters. Superiors must analyze the reaction of the soldiers and the response time to determine whether to give instructions or edit a protocol of action.
Flight, meanwhile, simulators offer a simulacrum of the experience to fly a plane. These systems are designed to reproduce all the actual variables as accurately as possible. Thus, pilots can practice with such simulators before flying a plane for real, where mistakes can be fatal. On the other hand, if a failure is detected during a mock, tragedies are not likely to occur, since these systems simulate actual conditions through mechanical and virtual devices and therefore without risk.
Finally, a mock is an image made in the likeness of something or someone.
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