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Sobriety, from the latin sobriĕtas, is the quality of being sober. This adjective refers to a person who is not under the influence of alcohol or to this or that has no excessive frills and which, therefore, is moderate and temperate.
Examples: "singer will be hospitalized in a recovery center to retrieve its sobriety, after several months of excess", "in a fashion show, it is important to maintain his sobriety, otherwise everything becomes a circus", "I like the style of Jackie: it displays the sobriety and elegance. ''
Sobriety can be the State of the person who is not drunk. Alcoholism is an addiction that implies the need to consume alcohol because his excessive consumption maintains physical dependence.
Over time, the alcoholic starts to increase his tolerance to alcohol and must ingest doses more increasingly important to obtain the desired effect. Periods of sobriety, therefore, become shorter.
The recovery of this disease often includes the institutionalization and participation in self-help groups with experts who act as guides so that the patient can maintain his sobriety.
Sobriety, in another sense, it is something that lack of superfluous or accessory. This is what is simple. Black pants can be considered sober while yellow pants in green and pink stripes, spots blue, with fringes at the level knees will never characterized by its sobriety.
Sobriety, finally, is also associated with the soft, discreet and quiet nature which a person behaves, without fanfare or scandal.
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