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From latin positĭo, the position is a concept related to the position or the attitude of someone. The term is also used to refer to a provision or a particular situation.
Social, on the other hand, is an adjective which refers or which belongs to the company. Means society the set of individuals that interact with each other and who share the same culture forming a community.
Social position is the symbolic place occupied by a person within the company and which reflects the conditions of the subject compared to the other members of the community.
The concept of social position concerning the social status of the individual. It is necessary to distinguish between status (the result of previous social factors, such as race, sex or age), obtained status (based on merit and recognition, such as the particular social position acquired by a footballer famous), the objective status (assigned by the company following criteria imposed by the Group) or subjective status (the one that the person believed to have).
The social position can also be regarded as a social class, which is the result of a stratification of society. Usually, this stratification is made on the basis of the economic situation: more the person is rich, it is likely that she belong to a higher social class (the one that is higher in the social ladder).
Thus, in common parlance, one can speak of a person with a good social position (i.e., which belongs to a high class) because it has a well-paid job, he owns his own House and a luxury car.
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