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From the latin praevidentĭa, foresight is the quality of what is ahead (see prior, guess what will happen through the interpretation of signs or clues, prepare for future contingencies means).
Social, from the latin sociālis, said of what belongs or relating to the company (the set of individuals who share the same culture and interacting with each other forming a community).
Welfare means the actions of social protection aimed at responding to the needs of the members of the society. The purpose of social security is to achieve better social, economic and human conditions for the population.
It belongs to social security to contribute to welfare and to provide protection to those who are not able to earn an income, temporarily or permanently. These social services, therefore, contribute to the coverage of major social problems such as poverty, health, unemployment, disability or old age.
Social welfare is so to speak a protection that society provides to its members, including public measures which are financed with the contributions of all citizens by paying taxes and charges. This is a solidarity mechanism, where the economically active population helps to support those who cannot work.
Social welfare is channeled through various institutions, depending on the country. The portal of the public service of social security in France and the Ministry of security social du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg are examples of such bodies.
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