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Spinning is a term that is not part of the current dictionaries of French-language because it is an English word. This concept refers to the aerobic exercises done on a fixed bike to the beat of the music.
Examples: "yesterday, I enrolled in the course of spinning: I want to be fully fit before the summer", 'the doctor recommended me to do the spinning twice a week', 'my uncle is Professor of spinning in a gymnasium at Nice.
Spinning, also known as the designation of indoor cycling (bike), was created by the South African cyclist Jonathan Goldberg in the early 1990s to promote a comprehensive and collective exercise (in Group).
This practice has many benefits for the body because it helps burn calories and cholesterol rate, strengthens the muscles of the legs, strengthens the cardiovascular system and the respiratory system, reduces blood pressure, improves blood distribution and tones the buttocks.
Spinning has the advantage of not needing a large capacity of balance and coordination, unlike other aerobic practices. Spinning, moreover, can be achieved in a group because bikes are fixed. Usually, general practice is led by a coach who suggest speed and movement.
It is important to emphasize that the risk of injury in this kind of exercise is very low, reason why it can be done by people of any age. However, before you begin to practice it (as, for that matter, any type of physical activity), it is necessary to consult a doctor to make examinations in order to ensure that health is not in danger.
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