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A spiral is a planar curve that revolves around a point and that, at each of these towers, is increasingly so. The spiral, in other words, it is the curved line that is generated on a point and that gradually the centre away while turning around him.
Examples: "I bought a duvet bed with prints of spirals and circles',"the Chief has adorned a spiral in the melted chocolate dessert","I like spiral-shaped cookies made from the corner bakery.
The concepts of spiral and Helix are often used as synonyms. The spiral, however, still is flat while the propeller is in three dimensions. The propeller is a space curve.
The spirals were important in the symbolism of many cultures. Prehistoric man had used to draw spirals in cave paintings, which many feel that they represented the cycle of birth, death and rebirth. The Sun was also represented as a spiral (because he was born each morning, died at the end of the day and is reborn the next day).
On the other hand, means spiral estate growing or indefinite event. In this case, the concept is always associated, somehow, which is cyclical or what seems to have no end. Phrases such as "society lies in a spiral of violence without limit" indicate that a community lives in the middle of violent conflicts that come one after the other.
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