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Spirituality is the condition and the nature of spiritual. This (spiritual) adjective refers to what belongs or relating to entrepreneurship. The concept of mind, in turn, relates a non-corporelle entity, the rational soul, which encourages the body to work or the supernatural gift that God gives to certain creatures.
Examples: "spirituality is something very important in my life", "modern life often neglects the spirituality, but we must remember that we cannot live in thinking only the physical and material needs", "I had never met someone with a spirituality as important as that of Pierre Abbé.
The concept of spirituality, therefore, can refer to the link between human and God or a deity. Religion is often the link that allows to develop this relationship. Priests, pastors, and the various gurus speak of spirituality when it comes to religious matters.
However, it is not necessary to adhere to a religion or follow a particular religious institution (such as the Catholic Church) to develop his spirituality. The link between man and God can be personal and intimate, without external or ritual events: "I do not believe in a single God and Almighty, but I base my spirituality on the belief of the existence of energies of other dimensions that influence the Earth".
In philosophy, the idea of spirituality is heard from the opposition between mind and matter. You can associate spirituality with a quest for meaning of life that transcends what is worldly.
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