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A spy is a person dedicated to observe or hear what happens to get information and knowledge in order to pass them on to those interested. Means spying all the techniques and practices aimed at obtaining information illegally.
Examples: "the U.S. military has stopped an Iranian spy who was trying to get information about the nuclear plans", "spy films are favorites of my grandfather," "child, my dream was to be a spy and use all these sophisticated instruments seen on television".
Spies can work for a Government, companies or individuals. It is an activity to various legal limits as espionage, in many cases, is prohibited.
The techniques most commonly used by the spies are infiltration and penetration. Infiltration is to incorporate (or enter) into the ranks of the target (the Organization to spy on) in a hidden manner and in secret ways. The spy who won the confidence of the target says undercover agent or taupe.
The penetration, in turn, is to achieve the collaboration, be it consciously or unconscious, so target that provide confidential information. Sometimes, the person who provides these information has been convinced to work secretly against its own organization.
If espionage develops at the level of enterprises, it is punishable by law. Industrial espionage is to obtain confidential information of competitors to gain an advantage on the market. Thus, a company can spy on his opponents to know their research and with the data obtained, take the lead in launching a product.
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