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A chronometer is a watch precision, a timer or a meter used to measure very small fractions of time. Unlike conventional watches, which are used to measure the minutes and hours that govern the time day after day, chronometers are often used in sports competitions and in the industry to have a follow-up of the fractions of shorter time, such as milliseconds.
Examples: "when the Jamaican looked the stopwatch, he smiled: he came to mark the new world record»,"I like to go jogging with a stopwatch to try to improve each of my brands,"" in our factory, chronometers are essential, to the extent that if we delay is of a second, you can lose thousands of dollars.
Usually, the stopwatch starts when the user presses a button. The mechanism, thus, starts counting from zero. When this button is pressed again, the timer stops showing the time with accuracy.
Most of chronometers to measure various periods of time with the same beginning but with different purposes. This allows to make a recording of successive time, while the first measured time remains in the background.
The more advanced timers are activated and arrested with an automatic mechanism without requiring the user to press a button. Different types of sensors to record the beginning and the end of the time with an accuracy impossible to achieve if they are registered manually. An example of high-precision timer that works with sensors is what is used when track and field events.
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