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The concept of storage devices includes two concepts. Devices are machines or systems capable to develop certain actions and accomplish a goal (they are "arranged" for this purpose). Storage, in turn, is the action and the effect of store (collect or keep things or information/data).
Thus, it is necessary to mention that devices (referred to as peripheral) storage are devices that read or write data to media. These devices, therefore, work together with all means where are stored the archives of a computer or any other computer system, logically and physically.
A hard drive is a storage device. This type of device has one or more disks that are connected by a tree common and running in a metal structure. Each disc contains heads reading / writing to work with information.
CD-ROM or DVD-ROM units are also storage devices. These units may be just readers or be able to save the information in the proper format (CD or DVD). With CD-ROM and DVD-ROM devices, floppy disks have become unserviceable since in the settings of the current technology, this storage device provides a very limited capacity.
Of the storage devices that are developed in the course of the past years, the memory card readers, which are part of the computer through the USB port or a plate. Memory cards are more resistant than the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM and are easier to transfer.
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