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Storm is a term that refers to the violent disturbance of the atmosphere, including strong winds and precipitation. The storm is characterized by the coexistence of two or more masses of air of different temperatures, which causes instability in the environment which may include Thunder, lightning, rain, hail and other weather phenomena.
Examples: "the storm has destroyed five houses in the small village", «We must hurry to escape the storm that should not delay», «the captain announced that the trip would be postponed to Tuesday next because of forecasts of storm.
The storm occurs due to the combination of a centre of low pressure with another high pressure, resulting in the formation of clouds and wind development. Product heat shock of ascending and descending movements that result in electric shocks, rain, etc.
Tropical storm means major storms which occur in subtropical regions and which have the potential to derive in hurricanes.
In another sense (figuratively), a storm is an adversity or misfortune: "after six months of fighting, the storm is finally over and I am back home", "it's true, I'm not fine, I'm in the middle of a storm for a few days.
The storm, finally, can be a large amount of something or agitation: "the coach has been forced to deal with a storm of complaints from his players", "the president wants to avoid a new financial storm like the one that occurred in 2001."
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