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Stupidity is what is said or done what is typically stupid. (Stupid), in turn, refers to the lack of intelligence, awkwardness or ridicule. We can say, therefore, that a stupidity is a blunder or something that has no logic.
Examples: "the explanation given by the Chancellor is a stupidity that not even my son is like ',"Lead to more than 100 kilometers per hour in the city is a stupidity that threatens the lives of many people,""some people believe the cabals and amulets, but for me, these are simply the stupidities. "
The concept of stupidity often has a pejorative or aggressive connotation. However, it is generally not used to describe the behavior or what is specific to those whose intelligence is limited because of a mental disability.
A person may notice the stupidity of another he commits an error or a blunder. Imagine that in the middle of a meal, a glass of wine falls by Earth and spilling its contents. The man decides to clean the task using the mantle of his wife to absorb the wine. His wife accused him of make a stupidity, given that it would be more logical to use a cloth or paper towel to do.
It is especially important to note that what is defined as stupid is pretty subjective. A football player can stick to always enter the field with the right foot first because he found that he was lucky with this action, while some of his colleagues consider this habit of stupidity.
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