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Suddenly is something unforeseen or unexpected. What is suddenly causes a surprise effect.
By examples: "the snake has bitten the browser in a sudden attack, taking him by surprise", "Everything seemed normal in the construction until the sudden fall of a beam has raised the tragedy", "Thanks to the kick left suddenly Colombian striker, opponent escape the ball, thus scoring the first goal of the match".
Sudden pain are usually symptoms of diseases or disorders that must be addressed urgently. A sudden chest pain may indicate a heart attack, which requires to be assisted and immediate care. These sudden headaches, taking by surprise the patient himself, must never be overlooked because they can save lives.
Another example of what happens with sudden situations, they are fears. When someone is afraid following a sudden situation, it undergoes a physical and psychological response to a stimulus suddenly. A sound or a sudden movement can cause fear and trigger an emotional and physiological reaction or even a shock. Suppose that someone is sitting on the beach, quietly observing the sea, and that, suddenly, he heard an explosion behind him. This person will be frightened, be adversely affected the experience of an acceleration of the heartbeat and his muscles to contract, between other possible reactions not designed but emerging instinctively.
Sunny skies which, in less than five minutes, became cloudy and began to Thunder, this is a situation suddenly and out of people's expectations.
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